Where the jobs are: Tech hiring is on the rise

The pandemic[6] dampened the usual rise in job postings from August to September. But over that period, several states still showed an increase in postings, including New Jersey, Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Across the US, top cites for tech job postings were New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and Austin.

The top employers for tech jobs

Among the top 50 employers in the third quarter, 68% created more tech job postings than they did in the prior quarter, while only 32% created an equal or lesser number of postings. The top employer for tech jobs last quarter was Amazon, with CACI in second place, followed by Infosys, Raytheon, and Accenture. Rounding out the top 10 were Oracle, Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, T-Mobile, and General Dynamics.

Accenture’s federal services business received several digital transformation[7] contracts with the US Air Force, pointing to the federal government’s role in the tech industry and tech contracting. During the quarter, CACI was looking for people skilled in Linux[8], agile development, Java, Oracle, and Python[9]. At the same time, Infosys was seeking professionals with knowledge of Java[10], SQL[11], systems development lifecycle (SDLC), and Oracle.

The types of tech jobs in demand

As organizations expanded their networks to encompass more remote employees, they ramped up their hiring of network and systems engineers. Software development was also a key need as companies sought to hire software developers, project managers[12], and senior software developers. Tech support staffers were in demand as well, with job postings for computer support specialist, help desk technician, and technical support engineer.

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As cybercriminals continue to exploit COVID-19[14] and the shift to remote working, organizations have been forced to beef up their security postures. But in this area, one of the most in-demand roles was for a cybersecurity manager, indicating a need to create security teams led by skilled people. The top five fasting growing job postings from August to September were for IT director, Python developer[15], software development manager, backend developer, and cybersecurity manager.

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