Where the jobs are: Tech hiring is on the rise

Despite the impact of COVID-19, more than two-thirds of top employers increased the number of job postings in the third quarter, says Dice.

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Like so many other aspects of society, hiring has been dramatically shaken by the effects of the coronavirus[1] pandemic. Hit by severe financial losses, organizations have had to cut back on their staffing needs. But that tide may be starting to turn for technology workers. A report released Wednesday by job site Dice finds that hiring in the tech sector appears to be stabilizing.

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For its Dice Q3 Tech Job Report[3], the job site noted that tech job postings did drop by 7% from the second quarter to the third quarter. However, postings remained virtually flat from August to September. Further, more than two-thirds of top employers increased their hiring for the quarter.

In addition, the number of senior management job postings grew in September, suggesting that more mid-level postings may appear in the coming months.

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The latest data is even more encouraging. Based on the most recent information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT unemployment rate dropped by 2.8% in October[5] from 3.5% in September. Job postings in the tech sector rose by almost 14,200 last month, totaling nearly 239,000.

Top tech occupations by job postings in Q3 2020.

Image: Dice

The top states for tech hiring

The top states for tech hiring during the third quarter all contain established or emerging technology hubs. California was in first place with 124,000 job postings, followed by Texas with 54,000 postings. Virginia, New York, and Florida rounded out the top five. In top-ranked California, the cites with the most hiring activity were San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and Sunnyvale.

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