Python Software Foundation: Press Release 27-Dec-2004

December 27, 2004

Press Release

SOURCE: Python Software Foundation

Keynote Speech by Jim Hugunin, author of IronPython.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., December 27, 2004 — PyCon 2005, the third
annual Python developers’ conference, will be held at George
Washington University’s Cafritz Conference Center in Washington DC on
March 23-25, 2005. The keynote speaker will be Jim Hugunin, author of
IronPython. IronPython is a new implementation of the Python
programming language for the Microsoft .NET and open-source Mono

PyCon is a community-oriented conference targeting developers
interested in Python, a powerful open source programming language.
The conference provides opportunities to learn about significant
advances in the Python development community and to meet fellow
developers from around the world. The conference program will include
peer-reviewed presentations, impromptu talks, and meetings for
planning future development.

“PyCon brings together Python users of all types, from newbies to
veterans, to exchange ideas, work on code, discuss future directions for
the language, and in general to foster the continued success and growth
of the Python technology base. This is a community-oriented conference
and the Python community includes everyone, from grade schoolers just
learning about computer science, to renowned scientists interested in
using the best tools, to business people looking for a secret weapon,”
said Guido van Rossum, creator of Python.

PyCon 2005 is organized by members of the Python community, and made
possible by the Python Software Foundation and conference sponsors.

Early bird conference registration costs $175 US ($125 for students)
through January 28. Regular per-registration after that date will
cost $250 ($175 for students), and $300 ($225 for students) at the

For more information or to register, please visit the PyCon 2005 website:[1].

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